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A turnkey Comparison Engine, Easy to use:

  • Build and use your own comparison engine today, install it quickly.
  • No need to develop it from scratch, the technology is ready to use.
  • No technical skills are required, manage easily your comparison engine and maintain your content yourself.

A flexible Comparison Engine:

  • Create and save comparison tables views from the Comparison Engine.
  • As you can define exactly the comparison criteria and items to compare, you can compare everything such as products (great for ecommerce or affiliate products), services, companies (great for intranet: to compare suppliers, to monitor competitors...)...
  • Use a various number of comparison criteria types: images, video, votes, notes, text, yes/no, date/hours, URL, units, currencies...
  • Manage easily categories of your comparison engine website, using drap and drop to reorganize the categories tree.
  • Your comparison engine evolves with your needs, add easily more and more comparison criteria, rename them...
  • Add manually or import quickly existing data from various formats (Text, CSV, HTML, XML).
  • Choose and feature some comparison tables on the homepage of the comparison engine site.

Benefit from Innovative tools and Future ones:

  • Get advanced comparison tables: sort data, move columns and lines with drag and drop, hide columns and lines, keep fixed headers when you scroll the table...
  • Target an international audience with a native multilingual comparison engine (translate only when necessary) and an integrated automatic units conversion (international standard and USA systems) inside the tables.
  • Maintain your data with your team and keep an history of modifications.
  • Make visual sizes comparison of objects directly from a table view (you just need to define dimensions criteria of the objects to compare).

Boost your Internet Traffic (SEO Friendly):

  • The comparison engine has been designed and optimised to increase natural traffic from search engines (URLs rewritting...).
  • All the pages of the comparison engine can be shared on social networks: Twitter, Facebook.
  • A search engine is integrated to the comparison engine.
  • A content that you can easily embbed to your blog posts (or any website): great to embbed product page or comparison tables of products (data will be automatically updated on your blog posts when you change them into the comparison engine, i.e: product price).
  • Add easily a description to each comparison or product page.
  • Create different tables views of the same data, choosing different products or criteria to compare, in order to create easily more content, and so get more search engine traffic. (i.e: product A vs product E, product A vs product B vs product C, "Christmas selection", "Top 10...", "Best..."...).
  • Your comparison tables can be easily embbed by other blogs, websites on Internet (a logo with a weblink can be set on the top left corner of your table).
  • A sitemap of your comparison site is automatically generated for search engines.

Increase Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty:

  • Save custom comparisons views for your customers and send them the web link.
  • Help them to choose and decide with an interesting shopping guide.
  • Become a reference mentionned on social networks and blogs, via your interesting comparison tables.

A Complementary Solution to Integrate:

  • Integrate "add to compare", "compare"... buttons directly on your site, to build live comparison tables views on your existing site or online shop.
  • Set up the logo to the comparison engine site to redirect it to your existing website.
  • Benefit from this new web traffic from search engines reaching the comparison engine pages linking to your website.

No Worries:

  • Choose a monthly plan, Pay as you go: Upgrade, Downgrade, Cancel at any time.
  • Benefit from Discounts if you choose yearly plans.
  • No hosting fees or database maintenance: we host the comparison engine on our server
  • If you want to stop to use our solution, you can ask us an export of your data in a standard format (Text, CSV, HTML or XML).
  • Benefit from our support to help you.

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